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30L Autoclave steriliser

30L Autoclave steriliser

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Fully programable autoclave

Looking for a reliable and easy-to-use autoclave steriliser? Look no further than the 30L Autoclave steriliser. This fully programmable autoclave is perfect for sterilising a wide range of items, from lab equipment to dental instruments to tattoo needles. Simply select the temperature and time, add water, insert the liner, and fill with the items to be sterilised. Close the lid and let the autoclave do its job. With a capacity of 15kg, this autoclave is ideal for Sterilising large loads of substrate such as Mushrooms substrate in commercial settings.

Sterilizer Features Mode DW-280

High Quality SUS304 stainless steel material

Electric heating system

Silicone seal

Dual scale indicate pressure gauge

Double safety valve to ensure safety

High pressure faucet drainage water 

Over-temperature protection

Over-pressure protection

Water shortage protection

Easy operate, safe and reliable 

Volume: 30L

Chamber size: Φ300*520mm

Working temperature:115-129

Working pressure: 0.145-0.165Mp

Time scope: 0-90min (analog) 0-999min (digital)

Packing size: 40*40*70cm

G.W/N. 20kg/18kg

Power: AC220V/50Hz/2.0Kw


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