About us

Unlock the secrets of mushroom cultivation with us. Our dedication to mastering this ancient art form will inspire and educate future generations of mushroom growers.

Terry Holding fresh Lions Mane and chestnut mushrooms at markets

Terry's journey

Began in 2009 with a humble grow kit. Unfortunately, the mushroom fascination sat idle until late 2019, when time allowed the knowledge and fascination to flourish. 

Now a father, Terry hopes to inspire the younger and older generation in getting well acquainted with the magical and mystical mycelium world, including your-beautiful-selves of course.


Due to the interesting nature of mycelium and the fact that it can grow delicious fruit from what seems like no nourishment, Terry decided it was time to research! Buying book after book and taking a few courses on the subject of mushroom growing, Terry became a mad mushroom master.

From that sparked the idea of AT Mushrooms and the fascination hasn't stopped.

Knowledge is power

We're excited to be sharing our various mushroom products with you as our passion for mushrooms doesn't stop at the mere fruit; but also, at how to best extract the natural nutrients that can help with an array of ailments. Some of which have been used for centuries in other cultures.