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Maitake Mushroom Extract

Maitake Mushroom Extract

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This mushroom has been primarily used in cooking, the Japanese "dancing mushroom" (hen-of-the-woods) grows at the base of old-growth oaks and maples in late summer to early autumn. Easily identifiable by its cluster of grayish-brown curled or spoon-shaped caps, it's common to Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Like many mushrooms, Maitake is believed to offer various potential benefits.

Click here for more information on maitake mushroom research.

For centuries, the Maitake Mushroom has held a place of reverence in various cultures. Experience this tradition with our convenient extract form.

Directions for use

For maximum flavour take 1-2ml directly.

Can also be added to your favourite drink or food. We recommend orange juice for the added benefit of Vitamin C.

More infomation

Our Maitake extract has a Initially mild floral flavour with umami notes and a sweet aftertaste.

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