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Trial Extract pack

Trial Extract pack

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Discover our Trial Extract Pack! Experience six of our top mushroom extracts in convenient 20ml droppers. Dive into the diverse world of mushrooms and find your favorites based on their traditional associations.

The Trial Extract Pack includes:

  • Chaga Extract: Traditionally associated with being a rich antioxidant and known for its historical ties with immune support.

  • Shiitake Extract: Shiitake mushrooms are celebrated for being a natural source of Vitamin B12 and riboflavin. Historically linked with heart and circulation wellness.

  • Reishi Extract: Known for their rich history in Asia as a wellness tonic. Traditionally associated with mental tranquillity and relaxation.

  • Maitake Extract: Commonly tied to digestive balance and gut wellness in traditional beliefs. Also known for being a source of fibre and Vitamin D.

  • Lion's Mane Extract: Historically connected with cognitive wellness and traditional practices of easing anxiety and promoting restful states.

  • Cordyceps Extract: Valued in traditional settings for being associated with energy and vitality. Historically seen as a supporter of endurance.

  • Turkey Tail Extract:  is recognisable for its striking bands of colour, commonly found forming on dead trees. While they might not boast a wide range of traditionally associated benefits like some other mushrooms, they've been historically valued for specific potential advantages.

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